Maternity Photography

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Winnipeg maternity session preparation for studio and outdoor photography by Winnipeg based photographer Brad Pretula PHOTOGRAPHY.

I recommended to booking you’re session between 28 and 34 weeks.
This is your photo session and the direction of the session is chosen by you. Before the session email me photos that you like and from these photos the style of the session is determined.

Options of what to wear at your maternity session depends on comfort level and style of the session.

Sheer teddies that open in the middle
Lace bra & panty sets
Short/Boy panties, lace or not, with a coordinated tank top
Black or white lingerie can be used for more artistic maternity photos
Pair of pre-maternity jeans if possible.
Skirts or dresses for more casual pictures.
For shoes some women bring heals depending on the style of the session chosen.
Long fashion jewelry necklaces.
Front button down shirts
Scarves, shawls, flowing fabrics
Nude colored strapless bra and nude colored undies. These can be used with wraps and fabrics

Options of props to bring to your maternity session
Bring large or small props that have meaning
Stuffed animals,
Building blocks
Ultrasound pictures
Baby shoes
Any item w/ baby’s name or something that says boy or girl if you know the sex, but haven’t chosen the baby’s name yet.
Other preparation suggestions.
Get a manicure a day or two in advance of the maternity session.
Please wear makeup to your maternity session.
Don’t wear anything binding to the maternity session or for about an hour before- you don’t want marks
on your skin. Tight socks leave marks or swollen ankles, (tight undergarments can also leave marks so avoid them if you plan to show some skin).
If your session will include a partner and/or child, it is very important that you have outfits that blend.